Delivering Large Digital Interactive Experiences with Great Functionality. Bespoke large touch screen development from a great team based in London & Milton Keynes

Interactive touch screens software development  – London
& Milton Keynes kiosk and touch screen developers.

We create bespoke touch screen applications & presentations for large touch screens

We are a specialist London software development company delivering bespoke software solutions for large interactive touch screens. Our Big touch screen development services span a wide range of business areas, allowing us to deliver something quite unique in terms of an interactive experience’. Add 5th generation mobile messaging with our smart tap solution and deliver rewards and brochures to your audience.

We are experts in creating  a unique experience for your touch screen project using our unique software and can deliver on pc based touch screen from 27″ upwards.


We have a choice of some very highly interactive touch enabled assets you can use in your project unique to what you want and can incorporate a wide range of special touch objects to create a compelling viewing experience.

Our Touchscreen Solutions are deployed in the following sectors.

Corporate Sales & Marketing

  • Sales presentations.
  • Trade shows Exhibits.
  • Digital signage.
  • Job Fairs.
  • Solution  prototyping.
  • Corporate receptions.

Retail Marketing

  • Catalog browsing.
  • Product detailing.
  • Video.
  • Presentations.
  • Retailtainment.
  • Loyalty programs.
  • POS Catalogues.

Educational Buildings

  • Collaborative learning.
  • Curated Libraries.
  • Self guided education.
  • Facilitated research

Hospitality & Events

  • Registration.
  • Menu display.
  • Ordering.
  • Information.
  • Ticket kiosk.

News & Broadcasting

  • Support.
  • News Feeds.
  • Reports.
  • Election coverage.
  • Kids programming.
  • Video programming.

Local Travel & Tourism

  • Area highlights.
  • Trip planning.
  • Reviews.
  • Event listings.
  • Ticketing.

Shopping Mall is a great way to grab attention through interative digital signs

Digital Signage

Everyone likes to shop today, but with BigTouch our signage is a little more interactive, not only can you walk up and interact with what you are viewing, you can scroll and zoom the product being advertised , with presence you can get a reward, such as a voucher on your phone, all rewards are delivered through your app and presented with a bar code for scanning at the till. Not only can you push rewards you could decide to play a video or launch your website.

What engages your customers more is that rather then being a passive advert, you now can walk up to a sign and interact with it,  all this allows you to enjoy the shopping even more and that item that catches your eye can tell an even bigger story.

Everything is designed for your touch screen application, we have a wide range of interactive components we work with
  • 3D – fully rotational 3D object with pinch and zoom.
  • 2D Cover flow assets.
  • Image galleries with pop out zoom and rotate.
  • Video controls.
  • Pdf Control.
  • Text and font controls.
  • Form boxes.
  • Asset grids.
  • Flip charts.
  • Websites.
  • Internet connections.
  • Binding to data.
All of the above are touch ready, and can interact with your content in many different touch ways giving you a unique experience.
  1. We take your presentation and work it into a set of scenes with interactive touch components.
  2.  Supply us with your text, videos and images from your existing presentations.
  3. We code this into a self contained player for your touch experience.
  4. We also provide the PC and touch screen to your own specifications.
  5. Starting from 12″ up to 100″ screen size, the bigger the better.
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